Brine National Lacrosse Classic Photography

Photo Package

Photo Delivery

Photos will be delivered to you electronically after the tournament. You will be able to download all photos.


I pre-ordered photos, how do I pay?

  • Pre-order payments are now closed. Any pre-orders left unpaid as of 7/1/2014 were voided. You may still purchase photos at normal pricing through our website.
Won’t you be taking photos of us anyway?
  • Maybe…we have limited photography staff and can’t promise coverage of every game. Signing up for the ad hoc list increases the chances of great quality images of your player at this once in a lifetime event.

Why not just have my parents/friends/teammates taking photos?

  • We will take better photos (it is our job, we have better cameras, and we aren’t distracted by other stuff) and these photos will stay with you for the rest of your life. Our photographers are true professionals with experience shooting pro sports like MLB, NBA, and NFL.
  • And do have your parents/friends/teammates take photos…just don’t ask them to be full-time pro photographers because they won’t enjoy the tournament very much! Snapshots and cell phone pics are great but premium quality photos are still pretty amazing.

Do we have to pre-purchase a photo package or register for the ad hoc list?

  • No. You can always look to purchase photos after the tournament from our website ( You may or may not find much coverage of your specific team/players. Registering increases your chances of finding great images of your player.